Capri Olive Oil

Olive Oil Production

Natural Methods for a Sustainable Oil

Innovation. Respect for the environment. Protection of the landscape. Defense of the soil. These are the important values that our association promotes through the use of natural and traditional agricultural methods and techniques. Through these, we have rediscovered the authentic flavor of Capri's olive oil.

Dry stone walls

The use and restoration of traditional dry stone retaining walls ensures proper land management and rainwater drainage, in addition to conserving a characteristic element of Capri's rural landscape.

Natural insect traps

We promote the use of natural insect traps across the entire island of Capri to control the principal parasites which attack olive trees and fruit.

Rainwater collection

There are no freshwater springs on the island of Capri, so locals have long collected rainwater in cisterns. Using collected rainwater in agriculture limits waste and improves the quality and quantity of the olive oil harvest.


Compost is made using vegetable and other organic matter and allows for the conservation of soil feritlity with limited use of chemical fertilizers.

Landscape conservation

In the past, active olive presses were located across the island of Capri; there were ten mills just in Anacapri. Olive trees covered the Mesola and Migliera valleys and were known for their high productivity. As the local economy shifted toward tourism, many mills closed and olive groves were abandoned; for many years, there was no olive oil production on Capri at all. Today, the L'Oro di Capri Association promotes the restoration and conservation of these abandoned olive groves and the promotion of historic rural traditions.

Oro di Capri
Ode to Olive Oil
"And there in the dry olive groves, where alone the blue sky with cicadas and the hard earth exist, there the prodigy, the perfect capsules of the olives filling with their constellations, the foliage. Then later, the bowls, the miracle, the olive oil."
Pablo Neruda
Oro di Capri Oro di Capri
The dedication of a community
"Our project was born in a patchwork of groves, some large and others small. But thanks to the dedication of the entire comunity, our dream began to take form. Quality olive oil can only be produced when everyone contributes; sustainable production can not be attained by single individuals."
Pierluigi Della Femmina, Presidente