Capri Olive Oil

Olive Oil Production

Sustainable Olive Oil

The association uses only natural cultivation methods and traditional farming techniques to protect the environment and produce a high quality oil made with olives grown exclusively on the island of Capri.

Natural methods and historic techniques for a sustainable oil production:

  • Natural insect traps
  • Dry stone retaining walls and rainwater drainage
  • Compost allows for the conservation of soil fertility without chemical fertilizers.
  • Cisterns for collecting rainwater
  • Green manure to enrich the organic content of the soil and slow erosion

We follow the same regulations used to produce DOP olive oil from the Sorrentine Peninsula, and this organic protocol calls for the use of exclusively natural insecticides. In order to manage the fight against the olive fruit fly, a combined protocol is applied which involves both kaolin clay powder treatments and the use of bottles for mass trappings. This makes it possible to obtain oils that are 100% organic and come exclusively from olive groves on the island of Capri.

The association provides technical assistance to farmers in order to ensure a quality olive oil. During the entire productive cycle, members are guaranteed monitoring services for the principal parasites, assistance in fertilization and anti-parasite treatments, and consultations for pruning, land management, irrigation, and harvest.

Harvesting takes about three weeks. The olives are immediately harvested, placed in perforated crates in temperature-controlled rooms and then transported to the mill by refrigerated truck.

Association members must follow this harvest protocol and are responsible for the ensuring the quality and integrity of their oil.

This is how we can guarantee an impeccable extra-virgin olive oil that is unique to the island of Capri.

Oro di Capri
Ode to Olive Oil
"And there in the dry olive groves, where alone the blue sky with cicadas and the hard earth exist, there the prodigy, the perfect capsules of the olives filling with their constellations, the foliage. Then later, the bowls, the miracle, the olive oil."
Pablo Neruda
Oro di Capri Oro di Capri
The dedication of a community
"Our project was born in a patchwork of groves, some large and others small. But thanks to the dedication of the entire comunity, our dream began to take form. Quality olive oil can only be produced when everyone contributes; sustainable production can not be attained by single individuals."
Pierluigi Della Femmina, Presidente