This project is brainchild of a group of passionate locals dedicated to bringing back the island's historic landscape of terraced olive groves and the traditions rooted in their cultivation, and try once again to produce Capri's excellent quality olive oil.

Conserving our traditions

Olive mills were once located across the island of Capri, busily pressing premium olive oil—10 mills were located in the town of Anacapri alone! Olive trees covered the countryside in the Mesola Valley and along the Migliera, and the oil and other products from these groves were used for everything from food, oil lamps, and soap to trading for goods from the mainland.

  • Quality Olive Oil
  • Landscape Protection

“Once," says Pierluigi Della Femina, "there was an olive mill on the island that produced so much oil that they were able to export part of it. If our parents were able to live off this production, it would be nice if our children could, as well.”

The goal is to restore a traditional type of production that is intrinsic in the identity of the island and render it a valuable patrimony to pass on to our children.

This reviving and enriching of a long-held tradition has helped redefine the identity of the island community, strengthening the social fabric and respect for the landscape.

L'Oro di Capri

Love for our island's landscape, traditions, and cuisine

L'Oro di Capri

Olive oil, today known as "extra virgin", was once called "green gold from the Mediterranean". Olive trees and the oil pressed from their fruit have had a religious and cultural role in Mediterrean civilizations throughout history.

Olive Oil Production