L'Oro di Capri Association

This association dedicated to protecting olive cultivation and olive oil production on Capri, Italy was founded in 2014 by a group of passionate locals who felt the need to conserve these historic island traditions.

The Island of Capri

Conserving our traditions

Capri's olive oil production is concentrated on the northwest side of the island, around the town of Anacapri and the areas of Orrico, Mesola, Pino, and Faro. This land has long been dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil, and the historic olive groves abandoned here are being restored and supplemented with new trees. Olive cultivation was once a pillar of rural culture, with olives and olive oil used for food, light, soap, and trade...

Our Objectives

  • Foster the conservation of historic olive groves covering numerous areas of the Island of Capri
  • Promote the tradition of natural olive tree cultivation
  • Protect the island's rural environment and landscape
  • Guarantee the quality of olive oil from Capri by providing technical and scientific support during the cultivation of olives and their transformation into oil
  • Conserve and promote the culture and traditions surrounding the island's rural history

Natural methods and historic traditions for sustainable olive oil production

  • Natural insect traps
  • Dry stone retaining walls and rainwater drainage
  • Compost rather than chemical fertilizers
  • Cisterns for collecting rainwater

More information about the production

L'Oro di Capri

Love for our island's landscape, traditions, and cuisine

L'Oro di Capri

Olive oil, today known as "extra virgin", was once called "green gold from the Mediterranean". Olive trees and the oil pressed from their fruit have had a religious and cultural role in Mediterrean civilizations throughout history.

Olive Oil Production