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FAQ about Olive Oil from Capri, Italy

Information About Olive Oil from Capri and Our Association

Who are the association members?
The association is made up of around 50 members, all of whom are farmers living on the island of Capri who have at least one olive tree on their land. Altogether, members own around 50,000 olive trees.
How can I recognize olive oil from Capri?
All member producers are required to mark their bottled oil with the label marked "Olio di Capri", which can also be recognized by the symbol of Capri's Faraglioni rock formations.
Is the olive oil made entirely on Capri?
At the moment, the oil is bottled in a mill on the Sorrentine Peninsula as there are no adequate mills on the island. The olives are exclusively grown and harvested on the island of Capri.
Where are olives grown on the island of Capri?
Most olive groves are located in Anacapri, in the areas known as Mesola and Migliera. Other olive trees on Capri can be found in Palazzo a Mare and along the road which climbs up toward Mount Tiberius.
When are the olives harvested?
The olives are harvested between September and October and harvest time on Capri is often a celebration including the entire family and friends.
Which varieties of olives are grown on Capri?
Most olive trees on Capri are Ogliarola (also known as Minucciola). There are also Rotondella, Frantoio, and Leccino varieties.
L'Oro di Capri
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