Capri Olive Oil

L'Oro di Capri Olive Oil

The Association provided technical guidance to farmers to produce high-quality olive oil.

During the productive cycle, members are guaranteed monitoring services for the principal parasites, assistance in fertilization and anti-parasite treatments, and consultations for pruning, land management, irrigation, and harvest.

Sensory Analysis

  • A flavor of green olives with a decisive grassy undertone of medium intensity, characterized by crisp and bold notes of fresh cut grass, green apple, artichoke, and wild Mediterranean brush plants like rosemary and myrtle. The unique aroma hints at red berries. The taste begins with the sweetness of red berries and moves onto the pleasant bitterness of rosemary, artichoke, and myrtle. The aroma and flavor are well-balanced, and the palate is left with a fresh sensation, clean but satisfied.
  • A flavor of grassy green olives with notes of rosemary, stone fruits, and bitter vegetable calling to mind celery. The taste begins sweet with the aroma of fruit and then progresses toward bitter, with vegetable undertones paired with a decisive yet balanced spiciness. The overall balance is striking, with both a freshness and a persistence characterized by unique aromatic notes.


slow food
slow food

Produced according to the regulations for DOP olive oil from the Sorrentine Peninsula, with an organic protocol that allows for exclusively natural fertilizers and insecticides.

Each member must adhere to this cultivation technique and is responsible for ensuring the quality and integrity of their oil.

The olive harvest takes place over about three weeks, and olives are transported each day to the nearest mill in Massa Lubrense on the Sorrentine Peninsula.

This guarantees an extra-virgin olive oil that is characterized by the unique aromas of the island of Capri. Farmers who have carefully followed the group protocol are able to turn out an olive oil that obtains optimal results from the chemical analysis and test panels of the Naples Chamber of Commerce.