Capri Olive Oil

The Association

In July of 2014, the L'Oro di Capri Association was formed with the goal of restoring the historic landscape of terraced olive groves buttressed by dry stone walls that descended down to the coast, and to produce an excellent quality extra-virgin olive oil.

L’Oro di Capri è un’associazione indipendente e senza fini di lucro e tutti i soci hanno in comune la passione e l’amore per il territorio caprese.

Our Objectives

  • Foster the conservation of historic olive groves covering numerous areas of the Island of Capri
  • Promote the tradition of natural olive tree cultivation
  • Protect the island's rural environment and landscape
  • Guarantee the quality of olive oil from Capri by providing technical and scientific support during the cultivation of olives and their transformation into oil
  • Conserve and promote the culture and traditions surrounding the island's rural history
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