Capri Olive Oil

The Association

"L'Oro di Capri" in an independent non-profit association created in 2014 for the conservation of Capri's historic traditions surrounding the cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil on the island.

Downloadable documents:
What are the association's objectives?
The association aims to conserve and foster the cultivation of olive trees using natural methods on Capri, and promote the production of olive oil extracted exclusively from trees located on the island.
Does the association produce olive oil?
No, the association does not produce Capri olive oil. Oil is produced by members of the association, who are responsible for the quality and integrity of the product, under the supervision of the association which follows each stage of production.
What are the benefits to becoming a member?
The association provides technical assistance to members in order to ensure a quality olive oil without use of chemicals. During the entire productive cycle, members are guaranteed monitoring services for the principal parasites, assistance in fertilization and anti-parasite treatments, and consultations for pruning, land management, irrigation (when possible), and harvest (after having selected the optimal period).
What are the official activities of the association?
The association promotes all types of events to publicize, incentivize, and assist in the cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil on Italy's island of Capri.